Sunday, 20 November 2011

Day One (This is Tomorrow)

I've been meaning to start this blog for some time. I've been busy and this just seemed like the only thing I could let drop. It wasn't a crisis in its nonexistence. After all, an unmade blog is not so bad as a neglected blog. I felt I should only start it when I could be attentive to it. I decided that I should start one "tomorrow" a few weeks back, also last week and a few days ago, yesterday and about two hours ago.

Bite the bullet, Tristis. This is tomorrow.

So, for my inaugural post, an introduction by way of explanation:
This blog is mostly going to be about writing and the projects I'm working on. Only, I can't promise to keep it that simple. There are too many things that interest me and the urge to write about them will always trump the desire to keep to a simple goal. Some days I am going to want to talk about photography or mushrooms or my dead aunts.

Speaking of dead aunts:
My aunt Myrtle used to run a rooming house in this old victorian that belonged to her husband's family.


Yesterday morning I was on the other side of the river when I saw a pillar of smoke and an orange glow on the south side. I drove over and was saddened to see that this place I had never found the time to explore and photograph was in the process of being lost.

The moral here? I guess it's: never put off to tomorrow…

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