Thursday, 3 January 2013


No, really. It can get worse.

I've never been good with the daily reporting (weekly, monthly, whatever) of things in my life. Oddly, I can talk non-stop about the most inane and minute details of my day with anybody who so much as makes the simple mistake of asking how I am, but to write it out and push the ol' "Publish" button is like sawing off and handing over the very fingers I type with.

So why do I now have two blogs?

Ostensibly, it's because I have two purposes for blogging. One is to talk about writing, the other art. Heck, why don't I have three or eight? I do at least eight things well…if you include dishes. I tried, but could not see putting all the stuff about mushroom charts (even though they were quite darn spiffy) on a bog I intended for stories and writing issues.

Regardless. I now have two blogs to write; two blogs to guilt over; two means of expressing angst. At least on one of them there'll be lots of pictures.

All this is my way of introducing here: Organized Diffusion Which should consistently be about my studies as a graphic designer. We'll see.

Coming up really very shortly: The anthology that rocked the end of the world.

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